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A potent, immersive 3 month coaching mentorship for the woman who needs a lifestyle overhaul to become her best self.

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1:1 Coaching Focused on:

  • aligned goal setting

  • nutrition fundamentals

  • approach to training and exercise

  • developing healthy habits

  • mindset growth

  • self belief and confidence

  • creating sustainable training habits

  • self love and acceptance

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Have you ever felt completely thrown off and out of control if you cant stick to your program or diet? Like 1 day off ruins all your progress? Leaves you feeling like you're back at square one?

I've been there! One day off training, one day off tracking my macros, not wearing my watch to track my steps. I felt like I'd failed and I had to start all over again. 

This all or nothing approach is NOT real life. Once you set yourself free from this mindset and start to treat training and eating as part of a LIFESTYLE, you'll find more enjoyment and freedom than ever before. 

Imagine a life where you don't RELY on diets and programs to keep you moving forward. Where you don't need your apple watch to tell you if you've been moving enough. Where you have all the control AND all the freedom!!

Thats exactly why I've created this immersive 1:1 coaching container!

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Hi, I'm Lauren

I'm a passionate Personal Trainer, Accredited Sports Nutritionist and Female Health and Performance Coach! 

I'll be your coach for the next 90 days. we'll work closely together on exactly what you need! everything from fitness and nutrition, to lifestyle and mindset goals, you'll have my full support!

I cannot wait to work with you!


transform your approach to training and nutrition to align with your goals and make MINDSET changes to create a balanced lifestyle?

 In this potent container you will:

Construct habits that set the foundation for sustainable growth, alignment and balance in your life

Establish achievable goals that support the lifestyle you are striving to lead and fit into your life!

Break out of the cycle of ‘getting back on track’ then ‘falling off the bandwagon again’

Learn to have a balanced approach to training and nutrition as part of a long term LIFESTYLE 

If you are READY and COMMITTED to do the inner work on your mindset, INVEST whole heartedly in your health and wellbeing, to create a balanced and aligned approach to your health and fitness...


This coaching container is for you!!

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this container will be run completely online via Zoom, Google Drive access and access to the Momentum Health and Fitness training app. Next intake starts 9th Sept 2022


5x 1:1 Zoom calls

Personalised training program

Habit based nutrition coaching

Mindset coaching

Pre recorded content/ educational drops

Ongoing support via Voxer 


$2444 paid in full

Payment plans available 

Still have more questions?? Lets chat!


Through investing you agree to the following:

This course is non-refundable, and if you are using a payment plan you are obligated to pay as agreed, on the dates agreed and in full. 

This course is Lauren's intellectual property, therefore you CAN NOT repurpose, duplicate, copy or sell the content of this course in ANY way shape, without Lauren's written permission. 

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