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Hey There!

I'm Lauren! I'm a fun loving  (and stubborn AF) Taurus with an intense passion for working with likeminded women and empowering them to change their lives! Interested in what lead me to coaching? Have a read below!

All About Me

Why health and fitness? Growing up, I was an active kid. I played sports in and outside of school, and did ballet for most of my childhood and teenage years. When I turned 16, I joined a gym for the first time, wanting to try a new way to get fit. I joined with a few friends and while they fell on and off the fitness bandwagon, I couldn't get enough! 5 years ago after leaving a university degree I hated, I decided to turn my passion for fitness into a career and started studying to become a personal trainer.


Now I'm lucky enough to do a job I love everyday, helping women on their fitness journey to ditch the restriction and become the best version of themselves! My enthusiasm for everything health and wellness related, started at an early age. Growing up with such an active lifestyle meant that good food was essential. When I was 16, I discovered more about the benefits of cutting out animal products from my diet, and adopted a plant based way of eating (and have eaten this way ever since). In 2020, I became qualified as a sports nutritionist which has allowed me to help my clients get the best from their nutrition and achieve the results they desire. In 2021 I undertook further study and became qualified as a Female health and performance specialist- allowing me to work even more closely with women in different stages of life, and empowering them to create an aligned and balanced life.


My journey with mental health and wellness started around the time I changed to a plant based diet. I was doing a lot of reading and research on ways I could better my body as a whole, and discovered a huge part of that is related to mental wellbeing. Since then I have regularly practiced mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and have explored the benefits of different forms of art expression for mental clarity. I feel as though mental wellbeing is a side of health that is often forgotten, but plays such a pivotal role in achieving overall 'good health.'

My overall goal is to positively impact as many women's lives as I can! I am insanely passionate about encouraging women to live a life of abundance and believe whole heartedly in empowering them to do this themselves! This sh*t truly lights my soul on fire. If you're ready to dive deep and work on becoming your best self, have a look around my site to get started! 

Loz xx

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