Evidence backed, lifestyle based nutrition coaching.


Sports nutrition is concerned with weight loss or gain, sports performance and recovery, and body compositional change ( muscle gain or fat loss).


A sports nutritionist is qualified to give nutritional advice about the body’s metabolism, interventions for weight gain, weight loss, muscle gain, and fat reduction. They can also offer sport specific services for athletes looking to fuel and recover from sporting events, training and elite level competition.


The only thing to be mindful of, is any existing health issues you may have. If you currently have a medical or metabolic condition, you can still work with a sports nutritionist to reach your goals (if listed above) but they may require a referral to a medical practitioner first.


Ongoing weekly coaching:

Our nutrition coaching services run on a 1:1 coaching basis, with ongoing weekly check-ins to track your progress.


Ongoing coaching is a more personal and functional method of coaching than more traditional meal plans. Our clients receive fully personalised nutrition coaching (different methods work for different people) with adjustments made as often as necessary to ensure the best results for you! Some of our coaching methods are below:

  • Individualised calorie and macronutrient

  • prescriptions (adjusted fortnightly)

  • Hand portion eating guides

  • Food diary

  • Meal timing recommendations

Evidence and past experiences have shown that for most people, it takes between 8 and 12 weeks to form lifestyle changing habits. Our nutrition philosophy is based around this fact, and for that reason we require an 8-week minimum commitment from our clients.


Check-ins are done virtually via a Google Drive. You will have access to a personal spreadsheet where you can input weekly body measurements, bodyweight, as well as subjective feedback from you about your moods, energy levels, sleep, recovery and more! This gives us the information we need to make adjustments to your nutrition programming, in order to get you the best results possible.

One off Nutrition Consultation:


Although we typically recommend our ongoing coaching for the best results and most impactful lifestyle changes, we understand that cost and time availability play a part in any commitment to coaching. For this reason, we also offer one-off nutrition consultations for $99.


These consultations usually run from 45 minutes to an hour and can be done face to face (preferred), via Zoom, or over the phone. These sessions include:

  • Sports nutrition screening

  • 1 Week Food Diary

  • Healthy Eating Guide

  • Personalised nutrition goals

  • Personalised Calorie and Macro Guides

  • Meal Suggestions


Please visit our Contact Us page and send us an enquiry for nutrition coaching prices.