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5 Reasons You Had a 'Bad Workout'

We've all had workouts where we just don't feel like ourselves. Our strength is down, fitness feels awful, heart rate is higher than normal, we have no energy.. the list goes on! But before you get too hard on yourself for having a 'bad workout' consider these five possible reasons WHY:

1. You slept poorly the night before

Optimal sleep is crucial to allow your body to recover and feel refreshed for training. The amount everyone needs can differ, and sometimes life can make it difficult to get the 'ideal' 8 hours a night. But do what you can to optimise the sleep you can get and you'll likely notice much better and more consistent training days.

2. You haven't eaten or drunk anything in a few hours

No matter what kind of diet you prescribe to or follow, sufficient hydration and fuel availability will support your training! It might be as simple as a big glass of water and a snack before training that could make a huge difference to your session. Or maybe you need to change your training/ eating schedule to allow for more meals before you hit the gym.

3. You're stressed

Stress has more than just psychological effects on your body. If you're stressed about your job, a fight with your significant other, an event coming up, or a test or assignment- it can hinder your ability to perform well in a workout. Check out our blog here (insert link) for some tips on managing stress.

4. You've already trained multiple times this week

Sometimes your body just needs a break. You can only hit so many intense sessions before your muscles and cardiovascular system have had enough and need some time to rest and recover properly. Take this as an opportunity to slow down, work on mobility, or try a different kind of training for the day.

5. You're pushing through pain

Whether its a diagnosed injury or just a niggling pain, it's important to give your body the rest it needs! Learn to know the different between pain and muscle soreness, and if you're unsure- see a professional!

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